We see countless products advertised as the new “miracle” drug or supplement that promises to restore your energy and make you feel like you are 20 again! Unfortunately, these promises are empty and we find that no such cure exists. There is no one stop treatment to solve all your aging symptoms, but what we have found is a product that we consider miraculous. ViaViente is an antioxidant rich blend of natural whole fruit purees that supports less aches and pains, a deeper level of sleep, and helps sustain energy. The founder, Craig Keeland, was inspired by the Vilcabamba Valley inhabitants after he saw that their average life expectancy was dramatically higher than that of the United States. He found that 1 in 64 people were living to be over 100 years old, while only 1 in 7,000 Americans ever reached 100 years of age. The Vilca He among many others studied the secret of the Vilcabambans’ and found that their remarkable health was largely due to the combination of the mineral rich local water source and diet of antioxidant rich fruits. In an effort to replicate this miraculous synergy, Keeland and his associates spent twelve years formulating ViaViente. Since its release in 2007, countless testimonies have backed up its benefits.


We treat our patients like family and therefore only recommend what our own families use. We like to see our patients living at their optimal health, and that's why we offer ViaViente for purchase at the office! If you’re curious about what this antioxidant blend can do for you, ask one of team members or visit We aren’t promising a miracle, but we personally have felt the benefits of this “miraculous” purre.

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