Reversing Decay with MI Paste

At Kudlik Dental we are always looking for new ways to encourage oral health and reduce tooth decay. We’ve talked a lot about the dangers of tooth decay from over exposure to carbohydrates (if you don’t know what we’re talking about, go read our Genetics vs. Environment blog by Dr. Cindy!) but now we want to talk about a product that reduces that damage.


If you’ve been in our office for a while, you’ll know that one method we highly recommend and have been using for years is the application of MI paste. MI paste is a sugar-free toothpaste like cream that helps with remineralization. MI paste uses calcium and phosphate to replenish and strengthen teeth. It has been helpful with tooth sensitivity, reducing high oral acid levels, buggering aids produced by oral bacteria and plaque, preventing white spots and more!

A blog regarding MI paste explains the benefit of pH balance through stating, “You may not realize it, but your mouth likes balance. Think of a scale. In its normal, healthy state, when you’re not eating or drinking, your mouth’s pH is nearly neutral, similar to that of water. It’s balanced. Every time you eat or drink, acid is introduced into your mouth and your pH level becomes more acidic, or imbalanced from a pH standpoint.” Using MI paste after eating restores oral balance and protects teeth from acid damage.  


The application is simple. After meals, snacks, and sugary beverages, simply apply a pea-sized amount to your teeth with a swipe of your finger and allow the minerals to join forces with those naturally occurring in your saliva to store tooth structure. This is especially helpful for diabetic patients who have to snack in the middle of night to replenish their sugars. Instead of brushing teeth agina, application of MI paste allows for easy protection.


Check out this short video by Dr. Cindy Kudlik to hear her view on MI Paste!!!

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