Children's Dental Health Month

In 1981, the American Dental Association dedicated February to a month-long celebration known today as National Children’s Dental Health Month.This national health observance brings together thousands of dedicated dental professionals, health care providers and others to promote the benefits of good oral health. 

 Last February our office offered a free community service in public health through an interactive dental presentation for Kindergarten- 3rd classrooms. We are thrilled to present a curriculum designed by Dr. Cindy tailored to provide students with fun, educational material for cavity prevention and oral health. Dr. Cindy is a home school mother who loves educating people, young or old. She has found that there is never an age limit on learning, even parents learn something new in our presentations! Inspired by the lack of children's dental education available, Dr.Cindy introduces the felt story board of "Charlie The Tooth", presenting the story of Charlie, his best friend Super Saliva, and the nefarious Sugar Bug.

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Typically at this 30-45 minute engagement, the presentation begins with an introduction to who dentists are and what to expect at a dental appointment. Next, Dr. Cindy uses her homemade felt story board to show how to prevent decay. The Nefarious Sugar Bug represents the decay-causing bacteria that feasts when we consume carbohydrates. Every time we eat carbs, the Sugar bug eats too and excretes waste products that cause tooth decay. That's when Super Saliva comes in to neutralize the acids that the bacteria "peed" on Charlie and the rest of the teeth. To keep Super Saliva strong, we need to regulate carbohydrate consumption and limit snacks to proteins and fats. After the presentation, Dr. Cindy demonstrates how to brush and floss through a live simulation where children play the role of teeth and gums.

Click on this link to access the full story! Charlie the Tooth

By presenting this information in the style of a children's story, Dr. Cindy hopes to make the information available to people at an early age to encourage lifelong healthy eating habits and to prevent cavities and tooth loss due to decay.


We believe that Children's dental health awareness is important throughout the year and have thus decided to offer our program year round. This year we've extended our reach of influence as we begin are partnership with the Girl Scouts of Orange County. If you know any organizations that would benefit from our program, give us call to to schedule a visit!  

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