Natural Ways To Prevent Decay

Beyond good oral hygiene (brushing 2 minutes both in am & pm + flossing BEFORE the bedtime tooth-brushing), these 5 things can keep you decay free!

 * Xylitol is a natural sweetener that tastes similar to sugar.  6-10g/day can help prevent decay by fooling decay causing bacteria into thinking it is fruit sugar, and essentially starving the bacteria.  These bacteria also become less virulent with continued use over time.  

 *Water (and other carbohydrate-free beverages) should be your beverage of choice between meals. Enjoy your juices, milks, and even the occasional soda pop with your meal, when your teeth are already dirty.  If you are unable to brush your teeth after a meal, you should minimally rinse your mouth with water. 

 * Limit your frequency of eating to 3 meals a day plus 2-3 protein snacks like nuts and cheeses; these are anti- decay foods (nuts may be raw or roasted, but not honey - or sugar coasted).

 * Brush with baking soda and help the alkalinity of your mouth encouraging remineralization of teeth.  Despite its gritty texture, baking soda is actually about 10x less abrasive than the average fluoride toothpaste. 

 * MI Paste is a tooth remineralization product that is a great fluoride alternative.  After meals, snacks, and sugary beverages, simply apply a pea-sized amount to your teeth with a swipe of your finger and allow the minerals to join forces with those naturally occurring in your saliva to store tooth structure.

 Dr. Cindy has created a No Decay Diet to prevent future cavities!

 Meals: 3x per day
Drink: Whatever you want!
Eat: Whatever you want!

Meals should last ~ 45 minutes, then give your teeth a break for the saliva to work its magic.  Brushing teeth after a meal is ideal - minimally, rinse with water.

 Snacks: 2-3x per day

* Drink - Water! (No added fruits)
             - Coffee or tea without cream, milk, sugar, or lemon.
* Eat: - Only proteins and fats (no carbohydrates)
          - Hard boiled eggs (or prepared scrambled, poached, friend, etc.)
          - Nuts (raw or roasted, salt ok, but not honey - or sugar coated)
          - Cheeses (The harder the cheese the better)
          - Chopped up meats (chicken, steak, pork, etc.)
          - Organic Coconut Oil

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