What is Vaxxed Really About?

As holistic dental practitioners, we understand how the mouth affects the overall health of the body. However, we cannot make "medical" recommendations, since that could be considered practicing medicine without a license. We believe in adhering to the industry's standard of care and in evidence-based dentistry, yet we are open-minded to alternative treatments and are sensitive to the biocompatibility of dental materials.

That being said, by showing the movie Vaxxed at our office, we are NOT recommending that you abstain from vaccinations, but rather, we are encouraging you to investigate all viewpoints so that you can make informed health decisions for yourself and your family.

When we first watched Vaxxed, we were shocked to hear that vaccines are not tested as extensively as other pharmaceuticals by the Food and Drug Administration AND that their effects are not tested when administered in conjunction with other vaccines! We are not opposed to the concept of a vaccination that stimulates the immune system to prepare the body to fight off disease, BUT safety must be paired with efficacy, and the benefit must outweigh the risk.

Vaxxed not only presents previously unknown facts about vaccinations, but also displays evidence from a whistle-blower in the Center for Disease Control (CDC) -- one of their five highest ranking officials -- that brings to light the existence of studies on vaccines that have been tampered with. The CDC is the same organization that creates the vaccination schedule recommendations that medical doctors follow. Because the information that your medical doctors are passing on to YOU is only as good as their source, one can only wonder how sound this medical advice truly is. After watching Vaxxed, there is no doubt in our minds that more research needs to be done and that these findings must be more readily available for review and scrutiny not only by the CDC, but by all those who wish to seek the truth.

Information from Vaxxed can be found on VaxxedTheMovie.com. Another excellent website for the research of vaccines is LearnTheRisk.org (an organization dedicated to providing proper education on vaccines).

Please join us for a screening of Vaxxed at our office on July 17, 6-8pm. Snacks with be provided!
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Thank you,
Drs. Dennis and Cindy Kudlik

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