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As a holistic dental office, we are are thrilled when others share the same passion for empowering people through education to take responsibility of their health - just like Neuro-Muscular Connection in Costa Mesa! They offer various holistic services ranging from chiropractic, massage, Zyto and Evox, decompression, and more.

One of the more unique and extremely successful services that they offer is laser therapy. We have had staff members who previously worked with laser therapy and saw phenomenal results! Contrary to more traditional treatments, laser therapy focuses on healing at the cellular level and on activating the neurons where the injury actually occurs. The laser activates blood circulation and the production of cellular energy which restores damaged cells, relieves pain, and speeds up the overall healing process. This proves especially successful with bone injuries, tendinitis, contusions, fatigue and several other conditions. All lasers used at Neuro-Muscular Connection are FDA approved and only have the potential to heal, not to harm! Recent research has even found positive results from laser therapy on nerves that were thought to be "irreparable," like from spinal cord injuries.

Laser therapy has the potential to free some of the 80 million Americans suffering from injury pain from their medications and to lead them towards health! Visit Neuro-Muscular Connection's website to see the lives that have been changed from laser treatment and their other various programs at!


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