Spring Cleansing with Dr. Dhurga Reddy, ND

Spring is approaching so you know what that means...Spring Cleaning! We're not talking about the typical Spring cleaning of purging your closets, drawers, and garage(s),  but rather an internal cleansing of your system in order to build a stronger foundation for health. Believe us, it feels even better than a spotless house!


A cleanse doesn't need to be overwhelming and does not always require a long period of fasting or 

simply surviving on juice. Instead, think of it as a temporary change of choices that will have a long term effect on the body. Often, people embark on diets or lifestyle changes without cleansing, and therefore feel little to no change in their health. Cleansing helps to rid the body of all the toxins and junk that have built up over time, so that it can properly absorb all benefits from the healthy choices you make afterward. This means improved energy, weight loss, better hormone balance etc...all from a simple three week change of routine!


When looking into cleansing it is really important to find trusted sources. Dr. Dhurga Reddy, an esteemed Naturopathic Doctor in Costa Mesa and Vice President of the California Naturopathic Doctors Association, provides great basics on how to start a healthy cleanse - starting with whole, natural foods; water therapy; and rest!


First of all, Dr. Reddy emphasizes the importance of staying away from foods that cause inflammation to the body; this includes processed foods and food items containing dairy, gluten, and sugar. Instead, Dr. Reddy shows that "Eating 4-5 servings daily of greens will stimulate your liver to metabolize and eliminate toxins and metabolic by-products." It's what we've heard since we were kids...eat your whole (organic) veggies! 


Next, Dr. Reddy shows that the best way to support detoxification is through water therapy by stimulating circulation and sweating to mobilize toxins for elimination. Contrast showers or immersions of hot and cold water are great tools for detoxification.


The final component is perhaps the most ignored and yet the most important...rest! Dr. Reddy states, "When we are at rest, the body is finally able to focus its energy on healing. [...] Allowing yourself time to rest also provides the opportunity to reflect upon the impact that the healthy changes you are making have on your emotional state and stress levels." Rest doesn't just mean sleeping - it can also be obtained from other activities, such as yoga. 


So, as you scavenge your house cleaning every crevasse (and/or wishing you could), think about the importance of cleaning your internal system, as well! For additional information, visit http://orangecountynaturopathic.com/ or check out her blog at http://orangecountynaturopathic.com/spring-cleansing/!!


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