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Dr. Sean Breen is an Anti-Aging, Functional and Regenerative Medicine Specialist located in Irvine. Not only is Dr. Breen a graduate of New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, but he also served 9 years as a Navy medical officer, receiving a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with Valor in 2003. Since then, Dr. Breen has dedicated his career to research on preventative medicine, focusing primarily on anti-aging medicine.

Dr. Breen's philosophy is that although we are all aging and are going to die eventually (sorry to break it to you!), we don't have to feel or look like we are! Anti aging treatment is meant to slow down the process of aging. For example, Dr. Breen explains that "if aging is less energy, declining memory, loss of sex drive, erectile dysfunction, weaker muscles, increasing body fat etc", then anti aging treatment is is meant to be the opposite and reverse those symptoms! Hormones play a huge part in that process, as Dr. Breen explains in his blog:

 Without question, optimizing a patients hormone levels is the #1 thing we do to improve the symptoms associated with aging. All beneficial hormones decline steadily as we age. The speed at which we see decline in hormone levels is different for everyone [...] Medical research has demonstrated that if we replenish hormones early in life and keep them in the optimal range that we can reduce the symptoms associated with aging. 

Everyone has different levels of declining hormones, and a visit to Dr. Breen may help you understand why you might feel like you're aging prematurely. There are other ways to prevent the symptoms of aging, and just as diet plays a significant role in good oral health, it also effects the rate at which you age. Simply put, if you want to get tooth decay and to increase your rate of aging, then eat more sugar!! (That means we highly recommend you do not eat more sugar!)

If you are interested in scheduling a consult with Dr. Breen, give their office a call at (949)346-5187, or visit their website at http://doctorbreen.com/ and blogspot at http://doctorbreen.com/news/what-is-anti-aging-medicine/!!!

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