Dr. Susan Cocke


Happy New Year! To start this year off, we are focusing on Dr. Susan Cocke, a Pediatric Allergy and Immunology specialist located in Yorba Linda at St. Jude Heritage Medical Group. Dr. Cocke's passion goes beyond simply covering up symptoms, but strongly focuses on prevention and strengthening the immune system. In her bio, Dr. Cocke states,

 As an Asthma, Allergy, and Immunology specialist, I'm committed to helping patients improve their health. The first step is to proactively develop a plan for each person that emphasizes prevention and promotes health, this is especially important for patients with allergies and immunodeficiency problems. I believe in taking an Integrative approach to strengthening the immune system- from nutrition and medications to acupuncture. My goal is to recognize a patient's vulnerability to a disease or illness and help them avoid related problems and maintain good health.

Using alternative approaches, such as nutrition and acupuncture, Dr. Cocke goes to the root of the problem instead of simply relying on medicine to mask symptoms, something that Kudlik Dental highly values in physicians. Because of her dedication to her field, Dr. Cocke was recognized as a 2016 OCMA Physician of Excellence!

If you are in need of a trusted Pediatric Immunology specialist, visit http://www.stjudemedicalcenter.org/Find-a-Doctor/C/Susan-Cocke-MD.aspx for further research, or call (714) 579-6826 to make an appointment!!

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