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Last month, we wrote about Dr. Steve Hyjek from the Functional Medicine Center in Irvine and raved about his procedure for mercury detoxification. This month, we are looking at another area of his expertise - pain relief from Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ).

TMJ is a common disorder that often goes undetected. Symptoms include jaw pain, clicking or popping in the jaw, headaches, and/or ear pain. This disorder can occur for a variety of reasons, but it is most commonly caused from severe injury to the jaw, overuse of the jaw muscles, or emotional stress.  If you fit any of this criteria, you might be suffering from TMJ! Though it can be an extremely painful disorder, treatment is relatively simple.

Dr. Hyjek undergoes a careful procedure and thorough examination to assess TMJ. First, he assesses posture and uses precise equipment to measure the movement of the jaw. Once the issue is properly diagnosed, specific treatment begins. This may include using special techniques to relax the tight muscles surrounding the jaw, or correcting any abnormal posture in the neck. In some cases, low level laser treatment and other nutritional interventions may be required.

This is important, as proper TMJ treatment enables the body to respond to dental changes, so that the care from your oral health physician - Kudlik Dental, we hope! - is more effective. And most importantly, so that you can be pain free! This can help us make sure you are healthy and happy!!

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