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Dr. Steve Hyjek is a graduate of Northwestern College of Chiropractic, of the Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice Program through the Institute for Functional Medicine, as well as of the Kalish Method for Functional Medicine. He has also completed numerous programs and certifications in Nutrition, Corrective Exercise, Applied Kinesiology, Whiplash Trauma, and various Chiropractic techniques. Dr. Steve works at the Functional Medicine Center in Irvine, CA! One of his specialties, which Kudlik Dental greatly appreciates, is mercury detoxification.

 In his article regarding mercury detoxification, Dr. Hyjek describes the effects that mercury has on the body, especially on the brain and hormonal system. These effects include anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, and the inability to lose weight. Therefore, proper detoxification of mercury is crucial to your health! 

 Before detoxing mercury from the body, one must undergo an amalgam removal. It is vital to choose a highly trained and trusted Dentist to perform this procedure--like our Dentists here at Kudlik Dental!--, as improper removal is highly dangerous.

 After all of the mercury is removed, it's time to detox! Without detoxification, the mercury will remain stored in the body and the brain. Dr. Hyjek narrows it down to three effective steps for mercury detoxification: "Step 1 is upregulating the body's detoxification ability by providing amino acids, enzymes, glutathione, and methyl groups. Step 2 is to use a true heavy metal binder using proper dosing procedures, like we [Functional Medicine Center] use in our office, to detoxify the body from mercury. Step 3 is to use the heavy metal binder to detoxify the brain. This final step is where the true magic happens."

 After detoxification, many find that various, seemingly inexplicable illnesses disappear!

 To learn more about mercury detoxification, check out Dr. Steve Hyjek's full article at

 The number of success stories from the patients at The Functional Medicine Center is incredible, and this number is greatly increasing! 

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