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Tustin Chronic Condition Center (TCCC) was founded by Dr. Corey King, a board-certified doctor of integrative medicine. TCCC focuses on helping patients who suffer from chronic health conditions. One of Dr. King's main specialties is chronic thyroid gland disorders.


What sets Dr. King apart from others in his field is the fact that he conquered a chronic health issue of his own - Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Leaky Gut Syndrome - after coping with it for nearly 20 years!
Plus, he helped his own father get through a severe thyroid gland problem, and Dr. King also made it possible for an immediate family member to thrive while suffering from Hashimoto's disease. So, it is safe to say that Dr. Corey King has firsthand experience in overcoming chronic illnesses.

Through Tustin Chronic Condition Center, Dr. Corey King carries out his mission of improving the life of every patient that he comes into contact with.

Something about this office that Kudlik Dental appreciates and admires - and something that we think you will appreciate, too - is this: rather than drowning patients in countless medications, Dr. King searches for the root cause of their conditions and fixes it.

Furthermore, he understands that every patient's health concern is unique, and so each of his health plans is unique and customized for each person's specific needs.

One of Dr. Corey King's favorite quotes is, "Think of your body like a car. If your blood is your oil, and your brain is your motor, what happens to the motor if your oil is bad for many years? The motor wears out!" For this exact reason, Dr. King work with patients both neurologically and metabolically.

Another of Dr. King's comparisons, but in the context of thyroid, is this: the thyroid "runs" your metabolism--it is the "gas pedal" of the body. Thus, it is an immensely important part of your body, which is something that Dr. King understands in its entirety.

To learn more about Dr. Corey King and the Tustin Chronic Condition Center, go to www.TustinChronicConditionCenter.com (website not for mobile viewing) or --for information about the thyroid-- go to www.TustinThyroidDoc.com (mobile-friendly)!!

You can also call (714) 731-7680 or email [email protected]!!!

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